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In music industry, a publisher (or a publishing company) is responsible with artists and composers royalties when one of their songs is used commercially. Through a publishing contract, an author or composer yields the copy-rights of his work to the publishing company. Instead, the company license the compositions, monitors their use, collects the money and divides the money according to their contracts.

The publishing company also promotes its catalogue to famous artists, movies and television We are proud to be able to do this for our composers. There are no limits for us when we talk about music.

Our catalogue includes different musical genres, but if you don`t find what you are looking for among our creations, we are happy to create it for you. We attracted our customers through seriousness, paying attention to details, flexibility in offering the music that meets any demand,term or budget.

Contracts with some of the best romanian authors makes our record enviable. If you are a new composer or an established one who wants to reach a larger public through its work, please don`t hesitate to contact us


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